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If there is a question that you have that is not answered here, please ask the question in our User Forum. Thanks.

  1. Why do you need a password manager?
    For security reasons, it is a good idea to create different passwords. This will insure that if one of your logins is discovered, that all of your other logins are still safe. It is also good to have different email accounts set up that you use to register with different websites. For example, you could create a games email account, a personal email account, a business email account, etc. so that you don't get junk mail in your personal email account. SDM is here to help you manage all of your accounts and passwords so that tracking them and keeping them safe is made easy.
  2. How much does this product cost?
    Nothing. It is FREE. However, donations are encouraged. (Click Donations icon on the left menu selection.)
  3. How secure is it?
    We are using Sun's Java Cryptography Extension (JCE). The current encryption algorithm are DES and AES. We are currently using a 1024
    bit key which should be more than enough. You can choose from a list of algorithms that we could use to help keep your data secure.
  4. What will Secure Data Manager do for me?
    SDM will lock your secure information safely on your machine, provide quick and easy access to it, and in the future, possibly allow you to access your own data remotely. The text files you may keep them in now are just not good enough.
  5. Why should I use this application over another password manager?
    It is very secure, you can verify that the application is not doing anything that is shouldn't by looking at the source code or trusting that the other developers have looked at the source code. Build the source yourself and verify that no one but you is seeing your secured data. Besides, this password manager is FREE!
  6. How easy is it to setup and run SDM?
    Easy, but not yet single-click install. See the Downloads and User Guide for more info. (If you want to help create an install app for us, please let us know.)
  7. Can I run SDM on Linux or Unix?
    Yes, it is written in Java. You can run it on any machine with a Java Virtual Machine.
  8. Can I run SDM on Android?
    Yes, we have an Android version.
  9. What if I have some ideas or suggestions for the product?
    We would like to hear them. Please add them to the Requests.


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