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Download Password Manager

We offer 3 different types of downloads:

Zip Install (All Platforms):

  1. Download the latest SDM zip file (not the source unless you know how to compile Java). You'll be taken to the SourceForge site first. After you select the file you want to download (the file with the most recent release date), you'll be taken to a list of other links showing mirror sites for the file. Click the downloads link on the right.
  2. Create a directory (sdm) and unzip it into your 'apps' directory (where ever you like to put your applications or 'Program Files')
  3. Copy the run.bat (or run.sh if linux) and paste a shortcut to your desktop (or toolbar) - rename it to SDM if you'd like
  4. Download and install Java 1.6 JRE or later if you don't have it installed. The run.bat will help you determine if you do.
  5. You are now ready to run SDM by either:
    1. double clicking on the run.bat, or it's shortcut, or the .jar file if your machine knows how to execute it.
    2. if you don't like having the windows command window (cmd) always up, you can make your .jar file executable by:
      1. Opening a windows file explorer
      2. From the Menu, select Tools->Folder Options
      3. Select File Types tab
      4. Create a new Extension "JAR" if it doesn't exist and Open with java


Android Application:

Download the latest SDM-Android APK


Java Web Start:

Is a features of Java language for simplifying deployment of Java applications-- gives you the power to launch full-featured applications with a single click from your Web browser. You can now download and launch applications, without going through complicated installation procedures.

SourceForge Logo is an Open Source project under a derivative of the Apache Software license and is hosted on SourceForge. Development began January 2001. http://www.securedatamanager.org is the same as http://sdm.sourceforge.net