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Looking for a free password manager?

The SDM application was created to help you manage your passwords and other private information for web sites, computers, contacts, and other programs within one secure application. A fully functional, open source, free, password manager! No limit or restrictions to the application. We are currently using SunJCE crypto (specifically DES 56-bit encryption with a 1024 bit MD5 hash algorithm)... with more algorithms to come. In the near future, you will be able to pick the algorithm of your choice if it has been plugged into our application.

Future releases will support the ability to share passwords between your computers over the internet and with your PDA and handheld device. JDK1.6 is the only JDK currently supported.

For those who are use to single click installs... that is coming soon as well.

Why use this password manager?

  • Many great features and more coming each month based on user feedback!
  • No limit to how you use the product or how often!
  • Trusted since you and everyone else can see the code that protects your passwords -- keeping the application clear of any trojans or bad business practices.
  • Open source -- so if you know how to write code, you can add any feature you want!
  • Free, but donations are appreciated! (See Donations icon on the left menu selection.)

Please let us know your comments and suggestions or report a bug. Any changes you make that you want added to the application, please submit them for review.

Interested In Helping???

Do you know Java? Interested in Helping us develop SDM? Contact Me.
Currently in need of someone with Installer and/or WebStart knowledge.
Also, check out the beta release (when available) and help us test it.

2.5 Final
Release target on March 22, 2015

Command line interface. Write Metadata information on File. Added Icon on Toolbar to lock the application. Added Icon on System Try Menu.

2.4 Final
Release target on October 26, 2014

Disabled AES 256 Encryption if not installed on JVM. Fix Bug on Find Dialog. Added File name in Authentication dialog. Changed default type Credit_Bancomat_Card.

2.3 Final
Release target on August 21, 2014

Added AES Encryption. Added Button Bar. System try integration.

2.2 Final
Release target on July 21, 2011

Improvements to the usability. Added command line parameter options. Bug fixes.

2.1 Final
Release target on April 31, 2005

Improvements to the UI, Type functionality, code enhancements, "Other" attribute is now multi-column, table columns remember their location and size, copy from the view pane, and other usability improvements.

2.0 Final
Released on December 18, 2004 -- Internal Release Only

Well, there hasn't been enough time to work on this. Real life has been way too busy. However, there has been some rare moments when a little bit of coding could take place. This release includes a much improved GUI and usability. Plus, undo/redo, easy copy/paste, etc. (due to time constraints and new features added, this was an internal release only available to those who downloaded via CVS.

1.1 Final
Released on November 8, 2003

SDM introduces many new features and a few bug fixes in this release. Features include: Entry Type customization and management, plugin encryption architecture, improvements to the Configuration Properties and Preferences including a plugin architecture, and other GUI usability improvements.

1.0 Final
Released on December 25, 2002

We made it! We completed SDM 1.0 before 2003. This release is the complete working version of the password manager with many bells and whistles. Many new features were added since the 1.0 Beta. We will continue to add new features based on feedback.

1.0 Beta 
Released on September 8, 2002

A completely working version of the SDM application. It contains the required basic features of the application. Please make requests for other features via the web site. Once the application has been tested enough, we'll release version 1.0.

Older release information has been removed -- details can be found on the feature list

SourceForge Logo is an Open Source project under a derivative of the Apache Software license and is hosted on SourceForge. Development began January 2001. http://www.securedatamanager.org is the same as http://sdm.sourceforge.net